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  • ****August 7 & 14  Holy Trinity Masses Will Begin At 5:30 pm!****

    Saturday, August 7: Mass at 5:30 pm for the Rush County Fair

    Saturday, August 14: Mass at 5:30 pm for the Timken Fire Department's Picnic in the Timken Park

    • 8 hours ago
      by Melissa Flen
      Open to life.  We’ve all heard it, and for the most part, think we know what it means.  For those who are outside the Church, or perhaps those Catholics who have done little more than get their feet...
    • yesterday
      by Dr. Ray Guarendi
      So you also, when you have done all that is commanded you, say, “We are unworthy servants.” — Luke 17:10 What grade would Jesus receive in a college counseling class today? Would He even pass? To...
    • 5 days ago
      by Genevieve Perkins
      Did you know that each month has a traditional Catholic devotion? This year, let’s focus on each devotion month-by-month to grow in our faith and traditions! Make yourself notes, write it on your...